Bike Shed Residency 2014

IdeasTap Image Re-sizeFrom 6th – 25th October WBN will be undertaking a residency at the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter. Having undertaken a two week residency there in Autumn 2013 this time we’ve got even bigger plans…

Blueprint – Having developed Blueprint during our previous residency and previewed it at Exeter’s Ignite Festival in June 2014, we’ll be showing the finished version. Our most ambitious show to date, Blueprint tells the life story of a 32 year old Exeter based teacher named Kate, all filtered by her brain in the moment before her death. Told via forty four individual moments from her life (all jumbled up) in Blueprint we’re exploring memory, physics, and how we tell our stories.

Beneath the Albion Sky – Winner of a Critics’ Choice Award when it premiered at the Bike Shed during Ignite Festival 2013, Albion Sky is popping up in the Bike Shed before it goes roaming around Devon for its rural tour. Mixing travelogue with historical fact (and fiction), Albion Sky tells the story of Paul who embarks on a mission to walk the St Michael’s Ley Line following his father’s death…

Joseph Mills Presents…Reasons for Listing: 16 Facts and One Story About Things That Make Me Happy – We’ll be bringing the first show we ever made together to the Bike Shed for two performances. A storytelling performance for unexpected places, in Reasons for Listing Joseph will be exploring community, autism and, most importantly, the things that make him – and maybe you – happy.

Notebook – We’ll be using some of our time in the theatre to work on four new short plays, each linked by the idea that they’re told via an alternative perspective. Each written by a different member of WBN, we’ll be performing these as double bills.

Exeter Living Library – Following on from Walking Stories, our community engagement project with Exeter groups in 2013, this time we’ll be working with four different groups to create a ‘living library’ of stories inspired by Exeter. Along with some of the participants we’ll perform the living library on the final Saturday of the residency, inviting audience in to our library to hear and see stories rather than read them.

Writers’ Workshops – Having met lots of playwrights in Exeter during our last couple of visits we’re going to be responding the lack of development opportunities for playwrights in Exeter by holding a series of workshops for them and, hopefully, making some impossible plans with them for the future.

For more details and to book tickets visit here.

WBN’s Bike Shed Residency is supported by Arts Council England, through Grants for the Arts.

The residency has also been made possible through generous donations through IdeasTap’s Accelerator from: Dan Baker, Russell Bender, Jemma Bicknell, Danny Braverman, Andrew Brogan, Anne-Marie Buckridge, Anthony Buckridge, Lisa Buckridge, Ryan Burgess, Clair Chapwell, Debora, Zoe Gilmour, John Ginman, Jenni Halton, Louise Hill, Susan Hodgetts, Alec Hole, IdeasTap, German Munoz, Michael Nabarro, Miriam Nash, Hayley Shaw, Jacqueline Speed, Matthew Smallwood, Alan Tout, Katie Tranter, Dani Trulock, Upfront Theatre Projects, Joyce Veheary, Stephen Way, Garry Whitworth and Yonan Winterbarrow.