Notebook - 1&2It’s the scribble in a notebook. It’s the words written in biro on the back of a folded phone bill. It’s the impossible idea that wakes you up at 3am. It’s the character you’re just about to fall in love with.

In Notebook Write By Numbers invite you to come and see these impossible ideas brought to life for the first time. Presented as work-in-progress showings, during their Bike Shed residency WBN will be performing two double bills of short plays, each play written by a different member of the company. Combining epic storytelling and everyday adventures Notebook is your chance to see what WBN are imagining first – and maybe help shape where it goes next.

Notebook: One

15th & 22nd October 2014, tickets here.

you, me and the way the world ends (45 Minutes)
Written by Corinne Furness
Performed by Viki Browne
Directed by Charlie Whitworth

A story about best friends, dinosaurs, bees, disaster movies, teenage parties, fear and the science of the end of the world.

Developed with support from West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Racing the Trains (15 minutes)
Written and Performed by Andy Kelly
Directed by Charlie Whitworth

Performer and musician Andy Kelly tells tale of power, childhood and what happens when adults aren’t around in his first piece of self-authored storytelling.

Notebook: Two

17th & 23rd October 2014, tickets here.

When Charlie Met Joan (45 minutes)
Written and Directed by Charlie Whitworth
Performed by Samantha Hopkins and Tom Sawyer.

Over the course of several months Charlie Whitworth has been interviewing his MP, Joan Ruddock. The result of this, When Charlie Met Joan, explores both the career of a woman who has sat in Parliament since 1987 and the possibility of political engagement when no one seems to be listening.

Mea Culpa (15 minutes)
Written by Estelle Buckridge
Directed by Charlie Whitworth

Mea Culpa confronts a daughter with her mother’s undiagnosed mental illness, questioning the impact that this has on her memories and the doubt that this causes about having a family of her own.