Cold Writing: Metamorphoses

As part of the Ovid Reworked project, we did our first Cold Writing Festival with the theme of ‘Metamorphoses’. The workshop took place in our lovely unit in Brixton Village Market on Monday 1st February 2010.

Performances of the plays took place Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th February 2010.

The participating writers were: Ira Brand, Lewis Bryan, Mark Butcher, Nicki Heinen and Chryssanthi Kouri.

Acting duties were performed by: Toby Morell, Ruth Morris, Lucy-Grace Norris and Steve Rodgers.

Directed by Charlie Whitworth

ATALANTA by Ira Brand

“If you win the race, that is if you run faster than me and reach the finish line first. If you win then you can have me as your wife.”

GREEN FINGERS by Lewis Bryan

Adapted from ‘Perseus and Andromeda’

 “That’s the Medusa’s head in there. She is bare ugly. If you look at it you’ll turn to stone.”

AND ECHO by Mark Butcher

 “My name /  My name
Is Echo / Echo.
Is Echo / Is Echo”

SPIN by Nicki Heinen

Adapted from ‘Arachne’

 “Have you ever felt you were born for greatness? For the grand palaces of this world? Versailles, Pieterhof, the Reichstag… Well, I can tell you, you weren’t. I was.”

DR. O’S “FEEL THE PAIN AND HEAL IT ANYWAY” by Chryssanthi Kouri.

Adapted from ‘Caeneus and Hermaphroditus’

 “I was going about my business, living my life… And there came this woman. She fell madly in love with me.”