Cold Writing

Stevie Kelly and Samantha Baines

Cold Writing: Reinvent.


Cold Writing is our 48 play programme where we throw writers in at the deep end without any preparation.

So far we’ve completed three programmes Cold Writing: ReinventCold Writing: Metamorphoses and Cold Writing: The Forest and now we’re pleased to announce we’ll be running another Cold Writing on 10th July as part of our new theatre evening Theatre.Jar in conjunction with Babble.Jar. To find out more about Theatre.Jar and how to take part see here.

What is ‘Cold Writing’? 

We believe there are lots of different processes that writers can work in to produce great writing. As such, we like to challenge writers in lots of different ways to make them create work they wouldn’t normally make.

With Cold Writing, we select a group of writers from an open submission process. All they know is they have to attend a workshop and after that workshop they will have just 48 hours to write a short play. In the workshop, we will also let the writers know the theme they are to write to. In that sense, the writers really do come ‘Cold’ to the process. No time to prepare. No chance to rehash old ideas. At the end of the workshop, writers should have an idea of what they might write, but only have 48 hours to do it.

Once the plays have been written, we spend just one day rehearsing the plays and then they are performed for the first time that very evening.

If you would like to enquire about bringing Cold Writing to a venue, empty space or field near you, please contact us at