Tales From Ovid: The Countdown Begins

Today Charlie spread what seemed like fifteen pieces of paper across a table and we went through everything that needs to be done in the weeks leading up to Ovid Reworked – The Brixton Project. We’ve already got first drafts of the majority of the pieces that will be in the space, Directors lined up, a design for the shop but obviously this is the bit where it all gets a bit manic. In fact take ‘bit’ out – manic will just do.

In the spirit of what I think theatre blogging should be about I’m going to keep this blog updated more than is probably healthy in the coming weeks – the chances are that if we’re doing something you’re going to hear about it. I’m also hoping to give you a perspective other than mine to the proceedings and hopefully some of our collaborators will be contributing their thoughts too.

My one overriding hope at the moment, however, is that the weather gets a bit warmer – or else it’s thermal underwear in Brixton for us…