As Charlie WBN would say: Crumbs 1

So, erm, didn’t quite expect the (lovely, slightly overwhelming) response which the love letter got. I’m still trying to find time to respond to everyone who contacted me but, needless to say, you’re all wonderful. And to everyone who tweeted, re-tweeted, blogged, commented, emailed – thank you.

One of the results of all of this is that I have about a squillion new blogs (see, that A in GCSE maths didn’t go to waste) to add to the blog roll. I’m in the midst of writing a play at the moment so have forbidden myself anything I recognise as being procrastination but I intend to schedule in a slot in the next week to do the updating. So, feel free to wave manically in my direction if you’ve got a blog I should be reading.

As a final piece of housekeeping, I should say for those who are visiting here for the first time that I also blog about theatrey-things over on my personal blog (only, I swear a bit more and tell marginally embarrassing stories over there).

One thought on “As Charlie WBN would say: Crumbs

  • swollenfoot

    i don’t think i commented on your last post (the love letter!) but i definitely read it, and loved it, so here is a late ‘thank you’ for it! i’m new to the world of theatre blogging and it’s way more relevant and dynamic than i had imagined! good luck with your play.

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