Tales From Ovid: Day 3

Today was:

Our designer Emily turning up at the market at 6.30am to paint our sign.

Felt tips from the pound shop and luggage tags on the wall.

Being able to see our breath because it was so cold.

TEA. (even though I don’t drink tea)

Our neighbouring fruit stall giving us free fruit to use in the show (and letting us keep it at the end of the day)

Writing our first day’s programme on the ‘A’ Board.

Before adding ‘ALL FREE’ and then in slightly smaller letters ‘(but don’t be afraid to give a donation)’.

The woman who went past in the middle of Patrick Dunlea’s The Fall of Troy and said “oooh they’re doing a play [beat] that’s a good idea” but didn’t stop to watch.

Patrick not dying about what we’d done to his play.

Playing ‘guess the Ovid quote’ with one of the actors.

The lovely lady from Etta’s Kitchen (6th Avenue in the market) who came round between shows with a flask of coffee for us.

The man who stumbled into Melissa Bubnic’s No Victim and then stayed to rap about Metamorphoses for me (getting himself a place in Saturday’s lineup in the process).

Everyone who was generous enough to watch, applaud, talk to us about Ovid or theatre or donate.

Especially the person who put in 2 euros and 30 cents because it made me smile.