Tales From Ovid: Day Four 2

I’m at the stage in the project when I’d like to sleep for approximately 36 hours straight. It’s the twittery, jittery tiredness that comes with knowing that – oh, there is still this person to speak to, and what order are we doing these plays in?, and oh DRLLING (okay, not drilling because the workmen have been lovely and considerate and we have not even had to bribe them with cake), and we need these flyers, and that’s MY play that’s being performed, and EMAILS and phonecalls and printers and coffee and did you know that we needed a table because I didn’t and – well, I’m sure you get the picture. So rather than considering in that manner for the rest of this blog post I’m just going to post some photos so you can see why several people in this project have had no sleep for the best part of four days.

After we’d cleared out ‘the stuff’:

In the beginning there was a shop.

Emily makes war with the boarding on the wall:

The Boards of Doom after Emily attacked them.

Day One In Shop 82:

The 'A' Board of Power

We have a shop sign!:

Our Shop Sign!

Ilana Winterstein in Melissa Bubnic’s No Victim (adapted from ‘The Rape of Proserpina’):

No Victim

And just because I think this photo gives you a glimpse of how beautiful I think our little shop is:

The Fall of Troy (Rehearsal)

That photo was taken during the ‘dress’ rehearsal of Patrick Dunlea’s The Fall of Troy and if you’re wondering about the coats and the fact that the actors look like they’re visibly shaking let it go on record that Wednesday 27th January was bloody cold. 24 hours later I can just about feel my fingers…

[Photos taken by Emily Harwood & Estelle Buckridge]

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