Tales From Ovid: Day Nine

One of the things we’ve got in our shop that I haven’t yet blogged about is our ‘Wall of Change’. Which looks something like this:

The Wall of Change

The idea behind it is that you take a tag and answer either: i)how has Brixton changed? or ii)if you could change Brixton, London or the world, what would you do?

We’ve had funny, thoughtful and occassionally poignant additions to the wall and I love coming back to the wall to discover a new tag has been added.

If I could change Brixton...

I’m aware that a few people are following Ovid Reworked – The Brixton Project online and so I want you to be able to contribute to the wall too. Leave a comment here or tweet your response to @WBNtheatre by Friday evening and I’ll add your thoughts to our wall. How would you change the world?

Luggage Tag