The shows Charlie is most looking forward to at Ignite 2014

Since it has been launched, I have been scouring the new Ignite website for shows I want to see. And I am excited. Because there is lots I want to see.

Gym Party – Made in China

Lovely friends from the MA at Goldsmiths here. I missed it at Edinburgh thinking I would see it at the BAC. Then it clashed with our residency at the Bike Shed – so I am glad I’m going to get another chance to finally see it!

Threnody For The Sky Children – Jack Dean

WBN’s first ever project was in Brixton Village Market where we did countless (as in I lost count) adaptations of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Plus, we know the lovely Jack Dean from his time at the Bike Shed. Intrigued.

Parliament Town – New Model Theatre

I was really gutted last year that I missed Static. Everything I heard about it was really positive, it sounded like a show that would’ve been right up my street and further more one of the cast said lovely things about our show Beneath the Albion Sky. This, coupled with the fact that their company name and logo always makes me think about one of my favourite bands ‘New Model Army’ – means I cannot miss this show.

These are my picks. The rest of WBN might chip in with their picks soon.