The shows Charlie is most looking forward to at Ignite 2014

Since it has been launched, I have been scouring the new Ignite website for shows I want to see. And I am excited. Because there is lots I want to see.

Gym Party – Made in China

Lovely friends from the MA at Goldsmiths here. I missed it at Edinburgh thinking I would see it at the BAC. Then it clashed with our residency at the Bike Shed – so I am glad I’m going to get another chance to finally see it!

Threnody For The Sky Children – Jack Dean

WBN’s first ever project was in Brixton Village Market where we did countless (as in I lost count) adaptations of Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Plus, we know the lovely Jack Dean from his time at the Bike Shed. Intrigued.

Parliament Town – New Model Theatre

I was really gutted last year that I missed Static. Everything I heard about it was really positive, it sounded like a show that would’ve been right up my street and further more one of the cast said lovely things about our show Beneath the Albion Sky. This, coupled with the fact that their company name and logo always makes me think about one of my favourite bands ‘New Model Army’ – means I cannot miss this show.

These are my picks. The rest of WBN might chip in with their picks soon.



Estelle’s second blog: (extension of first blog as it’s been a busy few weeks since we got back) Highlights of the last few weeks.

So its just over two weeks since WBN returned from just over two weeks in Exeter for our residency at the lovely BikeShed Theatre. We may have expected a rest after returning from Devon but NO, we have staved off the post-show blues by being very busy.

Here’s my view about what’s been going on. In no particular order…

Acting in a WBN show (I shall blog separately about this). OK, so I was a zombie that looked like Myles and tried to snog Andy (sorry Andy) in the shop in Wood Street Market for a morning in 2012, and I fell in love through some glass for the National Theatre of Scotland five minute theatre on film around the same time, but none of those were quite the same as doing an actual Scratch in Salisbury (whoop).

Finding out, whilst rehearsing for said scratch, that we have a performance platform for the piece in April 2014 (gulp).

Having a board meeting where our lovely board pointed out some really obvious things that we couldn’t see ourselves (this, I remind myself, is the reason we have a board).

Spending a whole day evaluating the residency with the glorious Charlie and Corinne (we concluded that it was mostly brilliant).

Meeting the #Bluecrew (otherwise known as the cast of ‘Blueprint’) for a debrief and sneaky drink.

Being creative enough to spend whole days discussing project ideas that we really really want to deliver but still need to actually write the funding application for.

Actually having the thought, for the very first time ever, that there might, I mean there just MIGHT be a way that we could make this work for us as a living (albeit a meagre one)

Highlights (and the occassional lowlight) of the WBN Residency

The good ship Write By Numbers returned from a two-week residency in Exeter at the wonderful (and very welcoming) BikeShed Theatre just over two weeks ago. Whilst in Exeter, we performed our show ‘Beneath the Albion Sky’, developed and shared a new show ‘Blueprint’ and did an outreach project collecting ‘Walking Stories’ from the good people of Exeter which we then put together as a series of curtain-raisers. We drank too much coffee, experienced stress and sleep-deprivation but we did it! Here is my list of memorable moments:

Actually making theatre for two weeks straight. That has got to be a bonus.

Going to see Thor: Dark World on a rare night off & Marvel-ing (get it) at the parallels with ‘Beneath the Albion Sky’ & ‘Blueprint’. They’re in there if you look hard enough.

Programming lights (twice – long story) with the wonderful talented Dermot O’Brien (seriously guys, Dermot is da bomb – any Southwest peops who want a contact drop me a line – we are willing to share him).

Sleeping in a cottage surrounded by horses & dogs (and spiders and other creepy crawlies).

Our last night at quayside saying goodbye to Exeter (I might have fallen a little bit in love).

Meeting the good people of Headway Devon & hearing their stories. The most performed of these was ‘Legend’ which was a verbatim piece performed by 3 separate actors on different days!

Being welcomed by the good people of Exeter wherever we went and hearing their feedback on our work.

Coffee at Boston Tea Party (and the occasional cake).

Board games, in general.

The cast of ‘Blueprint’ reducing Charlie and I to tears in rehearsal. In a good way.

The easiest (because the performers were so good) workshop I have ever delivered with Razzamataz Exeter.

The amusements at Dawlish Warren, scarily addictive.

Singing ‘Where everybody knows your name’ in the UK’s most welcoming theatre The BikeShed Theatre.

Things I rarely do (but have done this week)

Hello blog world. Let me introduce myself. I am Estelle, the other member of WBN and as I am directing ‘Reasons For Listing’ this week i thought it would be appropriate for my first blog post to be a list, so…

Estelle’s list of things I rarely do (but have done in the last week)

1. Blogged. Well, that’s something I NEVER did til now

2. Watched a forum theatre show. I often use forum but rarely watch any to check if I’m doing it right!

3. Written a script at 8am. Both the activity & the time are unusual ( I usually leave that kind of behaviour up to Corinne & Charlie, but I’ve never seen either if them at it at 8am)

4. Watched boys with guitars (went to a gig) upstairs in a pub. This is something I used to do a lot (& I think Corinne would approve of) although it is a rare activity these days.

5. Said NO to some work. Ok that’s a lie. This is aspirational.

Real No 5. Did not do any work on a Sunday. This one IS true.

6. Danced the charleston on stage. I would like this to happen more often.

7. Went to the gym. Yes, seriously.

8. Went to Pilates. I actually felt energised & relaxed after. This can’t possibly last.

9. Got tempted by MacDonalds. See last two points. I need to compensate for 7 & 8.

10. Rehearsed ‘Reasons For Listing’ in a shop. Jill to be precise. Hurrah!

So, that’s it. You catch me in the midst of stuff I don’t normally do and it makes me happy.

Tales From Ovid: Day Twelve 1

Yesterday I blogged about questions and today it seems only fair to provide some answers. In amongst the press interviews I did yesterday I had the rather fabulous experience of being interview by Vobes of Empty Shops Radio who not only called me a “lovely young lady” (ah, still young!) but who asked pertinent, thoughtful questions even though they were utterly spontaneous. Respect is due. For any of you who might want to hear my witterings you can now listen to the podcast here. [We’re ‘Theatre in an Empty Shop’ as you scroll down]

[Warning: My voice is both shrill and a little bit high. Plus I use the phrase ‘learning curve’. Above all I do not sound like I come from Yorkshire AT ALL. I hang my head in shame]